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A visit to Carson City can include the blue-line "Kit Carson Trail" along the downtown sidewalks for a 2.5 mile walking tour of over 60 points of interest including the historic U.S. Mint.

The historic capitol features Alaskan marble plus a display depicting the history of the building.

The Nevada State Library and Archives Exhibits include the original state constitution, a video program highlighting Nevada's admission to the Union during the Civil War and various changing exhibits.

The Nevada State Museum, housed in the former U.S. Mint, features memorabilia of Nevada's history, geology and culture, including a full-size replica of a ghost town and an underground mine.

The Nevada State Railroad Museum houses exhibits, photos and artifacts of Nevada's railroad heritage, including 19th-century railroad equipment.

There are many more things to see which time and space makes it impossible to name.

Lets move on to


Long famous as the divorce capital of the country. Now, however, "quickie" divorce is available in almost all states, so it isn't necessary to travel to Reno for that reason any more. Let's see what else is there.

Reno Arch -

A unique entryway sign proclaiming 'The Biggest Little City in the World" is located on Virginia St. in the downtown area to welcome everyone to Reno. Features neon lighting and is recognized world-wide.

Sheppard Fine Art Gallery Twelve exhibitions per year from regional and national artists displaying diverse mediums in contemporary visual art.

Sierra Safari Zoo Offers a unique experience with an opportunity to get close to many animals; includes over 200 animals representing 40 species,

Such as these

Harrah's National Automobile Museum

featuring over 200 cars, such as this 1936 Mercedes Benz

Would you trade the old '57 Chevy for that? Hmmmm, tough choice.

Speaking of the old Chevy, let's fire her up and head north again, and pay a quick visit to my personal favorite,


just a little town, with a small town atmosphere, nice people, good climate, (cool) and pretty scenery.It used to be the home of the wonderful old historic Nevada hotel, but unfortunately it burned down a few years ago, so I guess we can't spend the night there. I'm not sure what replaced it, but let's go see. I'm sure we can find a nice place to spend the night.