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So, did you enjoy your stay in Winnemucca? We can now head west and check out the


This is high-elevation, cold desert country -- even in summer.


Beware of driving on the playa when the surface appears to be dry; it may be wet and impassable beneath the crust. The mud is so sticky that vehicles have had to be abandoned and dug out later in the dry season. Times to be wary are during the winter and spring when rain and runoff onto the playa is greatest. Some areas stay wet into summer, too. Check with business establishments in Gerlach for up-to-date conditions. Fuel and supplies are available at Gerlach, Cedarville, Lovelock and Winnemucca. Unattended buildings at Stevens Camp, High Rock Lake, Conlin Cabin and other locations can serve as havens if you become stranded in bad weather. Take care of these buildings so that others might use them.

The photo above, shows another of those Nevada mysteries. Transient dunes have been appearing in the desert. Here is what the BLM has to say about them.

The physiological reasons for this post-winter dune formation is unknown at this time - they may be a function of certain weather, wind patterns, ice/wind deposition, seasonal ripples, or maybe the more or less dry winter - and maybe a combination of all. But there may also be other factors related to ancient Lake Lahonton/playa weathering processes. Unfortunately, there have been very limited studies done on Black Rock Desert playa weathering effects, and very few studies on playas in general.

  We have only scratched the surface of this intriguing state, but I think the poor old Chevy is due for a pit stop.

See that road sign over there?

Yep, I think we better head that way and fit our Chevy with a new set of tires.Maybe on our way home, we can check out some of the eastern part of Nevada, which we have ignored so far. Most of the state's population is on the west side. On the east side we will see names like Ely, Minerva, Pioche, and Caliente. We will be traveling through the Humbolt National Forest, and may be seeing scenes like this:

I hope you have enjoyed this tour as much as I have.

Please come back and visit this and the other tours often. Then, if you have a little extra time, drop by and see me at home in Arizona

now back to the Drifter's home, to meet up with the "pit crew" and get ready for the next tour.